Hello Alex,

Thanks for sharing. Much appriciated.

I believe my setup would need 96 Gb off RAM in each host, and would need about 
at least 3 Tb of storage. Probably 4 Tb would be beter if I want to work with 
snapshots. (Will be running mostly windows 2016 servers or windows 10 desktops 
with 6Gb off RAM and 100 Gb of disks)

I agree that a 10 Gb network for storage would be very beneficial.

Now If I can figure out how to set up a glusterfs on a 3 node cluster in oVirt 
4.2 just for the data storage. I ‘m golden to get started. :-)

Kind regards.

> On 24 Mar 2018, at 20:08, Alex K <rightkickt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have 2 or 3 node clusters with following hardware (all with self-hosted 
> engine) : 
> 2 node cluster: 
> RAM: 64 GB per host
> CPU: 8 cores per host
> Storage: 4x 1TB SAS in RAID10
> NIC: 2x Gbit
> VMs: 20
> The above, although I would like to have had a third NIC for gluster storage 
> redundancy, it is running smoothly for quite some time and without 
> performance issues. 
> The VMs it is running are not high on IO (mostly small Linux servers). 
> 3 node clusters: 
> RAM: 32 GB per host
> CPU: 16 cores per host
> Storage: 5x 600GB in RAID5 (not ideal but I had to gain some storage space 
> without purchasing extra disks)
> NIC: 6x Gbit
> VMs: less then 10 large Windows VMs (Windows 2016 server and Windows 10)
> For your setup (30 VMs) I would rather go with RAID10 SAS disks and at least 
> a dual 10Gbit NIC dedicated to the gluster traffic only. 
> Alex
>> On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 1:24 PM, Andy Michielsen <andy.michiel...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>> Hello Andrei,
>> Thank you very much for sharing info on your hardware setup. Very 
>> informative.
>> At this moment I have my ovirt engine on our vmware environment which is 
>> fine for good backup and restore.
>> I have 4 nodes running now all different in make and model with local 
>> storage and it works but lacks performance a bit.
>> But I can get my hands on some old dell’s R415 with 96 Gb of ram and 2 
>> quadcores and 6 x 1 Gb nic’s. They all come with 2 x 146 Gb 15000 rpm’s 
>> harddisks. This isn’t bad but I will add more RAM for starters. Also I would 
>> like to have some good redundant storage for this too and the servers have 
>> limited space to add that.
>> Hopefully others will also share there setups and expirience like you did.
>> Kind regards.
>>> On 24 Mar 2018, at 10:35, Andrei Verovski <andre...@starlett.lv> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> HL ProLiant DL380, dual Xeon
>>> 120 GB RAID L1 for system
>>> 2 TB RAID L10 for VM disks
>>> 5 VMs, 3 Linux, 2 Windows
>>> Total CPU load most of the time is  low, high level of activity related to 
>>> disk.
>>> Host engine under KVM appliance on SuSE, can be easily moved, backed up, 
>>> copied, experimented with, etc.
>>> You'll have to use servers with more RAM and storage than main.
>>> More then one NIC required if some of your VMs are on different subnets, 
>>> e.g. 1 in internal zone and 2nd on DMZ.
>>> For your setup 10 GB NICs + L3 Switch for ovirtmgmt.
>>> BTW, I would suggest to have several separate hardware RAIDs unless you 
>>> have SSD, otherwise limit of the disk system I/O will be a bottleneck. 
>>> Consider SSD L1 RAID for heavy-loaded databases.
>>> Please note many cheap SSDs do NOT work reliably with SAS controllers even 
>>> in SATA mode.
>>> For example, I supposed to use 2 x WD Green SSD configures as RAID L1 for 
>>> OS. 
>>> It was possible to install system, yet under heavy load simulated with 
>>> iozone disk system freeze, rendering OS unbootable.
>>> Same crash was experienced with 512GB KingFast SSD connected to 
>>> broadcom/AMCC SAS RAID Card.
>>>> On 03/24/2018 10:33 AM, Andy Michielsen wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Not sure if this is the place to be asking this but I was wondering which 
>>>> hardware you all are using and why in order for me to see what I would be 
>>>> needing.
>>>> I would like to set up a HA cluster consisting off 3 hosts to be able to 
>>>> run 30 vm’s.
>>>> The engine, I can run on an other server. The hosts can be fitted with the 
>>>> storage and share the space through glusterfs. I would think I will be 
>>>> needing at least 3 nic’s but would be able to install ovn. (Are 1gb nic’s 
>>>> sufficient ?)
>>>> Any input you guys would like to share would be greatly appriciated.
>>>> Thanks,
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