I'm spec'ing hardware for a 3-node oVirt build (on somewhat of a budget).
I plan to do 20-30 Linux VMs most of them very light weight + a couple of
heavier hitting web and DB servers with frequent rsync backups.  Some have
a lot of small files from large github repos etc.

3X of the following:

Dell PowerEdge R720
2x 2.9 GHz 8 Core E5-2690 (SR0L0)
2x10GB Nic

Boot/OS will likely be two cheaper small sata/ssd in raid 1.

Gluster bricks comprised of 4x2TB WD Gold 7200RPM SATA HDDs in RAID 10 per
server.  Using a replica 3 setup (and I'm thinking right now with no
arbiter for extra redundancy, although I'm not sure what the performance
hit may be as a result).  Will this allow for two host failure or just one?

I've been really struggling with storage choices, it seems very difficult
to predict the performance of glusterFS due to the variance in hardware
(everyone is using something different).  I'm not sure if the performance
will be adequate enough for my needs.

I will be using an all ready existing Netgear XS716T 10GB switch for
Gluster storage network.

In addition I plan to build another simple glusterFS storage server that I
can use to georeplicate the gluster volume to for DR purposes and use
existing hardware to build an independent standby oVirt host that is able
to start up a few high priority VMs from the georeplicated glusterFS volume
if for some reason the primary oVirt cluster/glusterFS volume ever failed.

I would love to hear any advice or critiques on this plan.

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