On 6-4-2018 02:58, Clint Boggio wrote:
> Environment Rundown:
> OVirt 4.2
> 6 CentOS 7.4 Compute Nodes Intel Xeon
> 1 CentOS 7.4 Dedicated Engine Node Intel Xeon 
> 1 Datacenter 
> 1 Storage Domain
> 1 Cluster
> 10Gig-E iSCSI Storage 
> 10Gig-E NFS Export Domain
> 20 VM’s of various OS’s and uses 
> The current cluster is using the Nehalem architecture.
> I’ve got the deploy two new VMs that the current system will not allow me to 
> configure with the Nehalem based cluster, so I’ve got to bump up the 
> architecture of the cluster to accommodate them.
> Before i shut down all the current VMs to upgrade the cluster, I have some 
> questions about the effect this is going to have on the environment.
> 1. Will all of the current VM’s use the legacy processor architecture or will 
> I have to change them ?
They can keep the legacy architecture.

The level is determined by the server with the lowest specs qua
architecture but since it is a cluster property you can add 1 or 2 new
servers in a new cluster which you could use to run the new VMs.
So if all your servers are Nehalem than you'll need at least one new server.

> 2. Can I elevate the cluster processor functionality higher than the 
> underlying hardware architecture  ?
> 3. In regards to the new cluster processor, will all of the processor 
> architectures below the one I choose be an option for the existing and future 
> VMs ?

> I apologize for the long post and I hope that I haven’t left out any vital 
> information.


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