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Cole Johnson <sizzlinsagu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to set up a 3 host gluster hyperconverged self hosted
> engine running on oVirt Nodes. ( I think that I have all of the
> buzzwords here) All of the hardware is the same.  I am using the guide
> from here:
> https://www.ovirt.org/blog/2018/02/up-and-running-with-ovirt-4-2-and-gluster-storage/
> and the documentation here:
> https://www.ovirt.org/documentation/gluster-hyperconverged/Gluster_Hyperconverged_Guide/
> for reference.
> I have used the setup wizards from the cockpit interface to setup
> gluster and the hosted engine successfully.  I have configured the
> gluster storage and setup all of the hosts inside the hosted engine.
> My problem occurs when I try to configure a separate storage network
> as shown in the blog post.  I can get thru the process as outlined, on
> all three hosts, but the status will not change from "out-of-sync".  I
> can press the "Sync All Networks", and I get a notification which says
> "Finished SyncAllHostNetworks", but the status of the storage network
> remains "out-of-sync" .

The "Setup Host Networks" dialog presents the information why the
network is marked as "out-of-sync".
Does the information presented helps you? 

> I don't know if this is related, but I cannot migrate the HostedEngine
> vm between hosts.
> I have attached the contents of vdsm.log
> Any help is appreciated.

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