Hi Fred,

Thanks for the reply and information. When you say all testing flows were done 
with this option do you mean with this option disabled it is possible I could 
have issues that would not have been identified during the testing of this 



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There is currently no option to restrict the data operations to specific hosts.

You can disable this feature in the DB, disable "DataOperationsByHSM" in the 
vdc_options table.

Note that since it is enabled by default since 4.1, all testing flows were done 
with this option.


On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 11:02 AM, Cryptic 
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Hi to all,

In relation to the changes made to distribute data operations between all the 
hosts in a data center rather than burden the SPM. I am very new to oVirt and 
am having troubles finding information on this and need assistance to prevent 
this happening on my development oVirt 4.2 system. The issue I have is that I 
have a cluster which hosts all the storage volumes using gluster and they have 
10G NICs. I also have a separate cluster which is virtualisation only and each 
host only has 3 x 1G aggregated NICs. When I perform disk moves between storage 
domains it often uses one of the virtualisation hosts which drastically 
increases the time taken to move the disk. Can I restrict these types of 
operations to a set of hosts or turn it off altogether so that it just uses the 
SPM like it used to in the past. Distributing it is a great feature but 
unfortunately is no good in my current setup.


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