Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an advice how to change the mount point of the hosted_storage 
due to a hostname change.

When I set up our hyperconverged lab cluster (host1, host2, host3) I populated 
the mount path with host3:/hosted_storage which wasn't very clever as it brings 
in a single point of failure (i.e. when host3 is down).
So thought adding a round robin dns/hosts entry (i.e. gluster1) for host 1 to 3 
and changing the mount path would be a better idea. But the mount path entry is 
locked in web gui and I couldn't find any hint how to change it manually (in 
database, shared and local configuration) in a consistent way without risking 
the cluster.
So, is there a step by step guide how to achieve this without reinstalling 
(from backup)?


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