I've been whishing for reports in oVirt ever since the old 'Jasper
Reports' was removed. For an Enterprise, having pretty graphs to look
at is a must.

Searching the subject, I've found this[*] and have managed to get it
installed OK but having issues trying to follow the guide setting it

First of all, I think the guide should have at least mentioned that
'pg_hba.conf' needs to be edited for the read only user to be able to
connect to the database, I scratched my head around that for a while
before I got it.

When I first type in the query example, I got syntax errors:
'pq: syntax error at or near "$"'. I continued anyways since I figured
it would be solved at a later point, which turned out to be true, since
the next step is to use the "Templating feature" to add variables.

Unfortunately this doesn't go so well, even though I followed the
instructions very carefully. After hitting save on the first variable I
am rewarded with the error message:
'Template variables could not be initialized: pq: column "en_us" does
not exist.'

Are the queries stated in the guide still correct? This is for
"SELECT DISTINCT language_code from enum_translator"


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