I recently tried to used the OVA export/import functionality.  It
seems I misunderstood the intentions.  I expected OVA export/import to
be reciprocal functionalities.  I expected what we export as OVA to be
importable as OVA in ovirt.

What I have found is the following:

* It seems OVA export does export an OVA, though the format is not
spec compliant
  * We use 'disk/' in the HostResource xml field instead of '/disk/'
for example in the ovf.
* It seems OVA import is intended specifically for VMWare OVA's?
* I thought I read about export domains being deprecated, and
incorrectly assumed the recently added OVA export/import was to make
things better for one off import/export.

Can anyone clarify the following:
* Is OVA import really just VMWare OVA's?
* Are we really not spec compliant with the OVA/OVF format as my
example above shows?  OR do I misunderstand something?
* After spending my time yesterday, I recall now that the deprecation
of export domain is in favor of detaching and re-attaching ANY data
* What is the purpose of our OVA export if we ourselves indeed cannot
import our own OVA?  Or can you tell me how we import our own if I'm

Please feel free to overshare details :), as any context will help
prevent more confusion on my part.

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