We're running oVirt 4.1.9, recently we had an issue with snapshots so we had to fix them manually. The issue is mostly solved but now we're seeing a lot of events like this one:

2018-06-25 07:58:06,637+01 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.dal.dbbroker.auditloghandling.AuditLogDirector] (DefaultQuartzScheduler6) [91430fc5-284d-4c26-8d8d-b7bf4053a7e4] EVENT_ID: USER_REMOVE_SNAPSHOT_FINISHED_FAILURE(357), Correlation ID: 91430fc5-284d-4c26-8d8d-b7bf4053a7e4, Job ID: da8120a4-9c6d-4379-ad67-a3808db1fd46, Call Stack: null, Custom ID: null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: Failed to delete snapshot '<UNKNOWN>' for VM 'vmname'.

Which generates the following event in the manager:

   Failed to delete snapshot '<UNKNOWN>' for VM 'vmname'.

This event is being generated every 10 seconds, so it's kind of annoying.

Any way to remove it manually? It doesn't matter if it entails touching the DB directly.

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