Hello again,

I've been working on an automated solution that uses the API to add a host on 
first boot, the code checks out (or maybe it doesn't), however I can confirm 
that the ovirt engine works through adding all requirements of a host properly 
except when it gets to setting up the bridge on the new node. The following 
link contains the log lines from the engine.log file, I can confirm that if I 
go to the engine web interface, I see my two interfaces on the new node, em1 
and em2 (this is a Dell R420 server), and I can click on the "Setup Host 
Networks" button. The proceeding dialog window gives me the ability to drag 
over the ovirtmgmt logical interface onto the active physical interface and 
once saved I can see the engine go to work on setting up the bridge without an 
issue. My understanding is that this is supposed to be an automated process 
(which is what i'm going for), might someone be able to help me understand why 
im seeing the error I am? Am I just missing something from the api standpo
 int that is supposed to tell the system which physical interface it needs to 
use for building the ovirtmgmt bridge on top of?

One thing to note (it shouldn't matter I don't think) but the engine is behind 
a nat, communicating over a vpn to the new node. I have to nat traffic from the 
engine so the ip address seen is different than what was supplied to the 
ansible playbook, i'm not familiar with ansible nor the playbooks used to know 
if that will have adverse impacts such as i'm seeing in the logs.

Logs: https://pastebin.com/UC4WfBix

Thank you in advance,
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