we currently have a self-hosted engine on gluster with 3 hosts. We want to have 
the engine on a single machine on a standalone KVM.

We did the following steps on our test platform.
- Create a VM on a standalone KVM
- Put the self hosted engine into global maintenance
- Shut the self-hosted engine
- Copy the self-hosted engine image disk (by browsing into the gluster engine 
volume) by using linux dd command to the standalone KVM
- Reusing the self-hosted engine's MAC address on the new standalone VM
- Starting the standalone VM which use the self-hosted image disk previously 
copied on the standalone KVM

- Log in the engine and then undeploy the hosted-engine by re-installing all 
the host and go for UNDEPLOY on the self-hosted section
- Stop ovirt-ha-agent and ovirt-ha-broker

Everything seems to be ok for now.

What do you think about our process ? (to go from self-hosted to standalone)
Do you have any idea on what should be checked ?

Thank you
(We wanted to go out from self-hosted engine, because we don't really master 
this deployment)
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