Hello Team,

We are running a setup of 3-way replica HC gluster setup configured during
the initial deployment from the cockpit console using ansible.

  - /dev/sda   (OS)
  - /dev/sdb   ( Gluster Bricks )
       * /gluster_bricks/engine/engine/
       * /gluster_bricks/data/data/
       * /gluster_bricks/vmstore/vmstore/

NODE2 and NODE3 with a similar setup.

Hosted engine was running on node2.

- While moving NODE1 to maintenance mode along with stopping the
gluster service as it prompts before, Hosted engine instantly went down.

- I start the gluster service back on node1 and start the hosted engine
again and found hosted engine started properly but getting crashed again
and again within frames of second after a successful start because HE
itself stopping glusterd on node1. (not sure) but cross-verified by
checking glusterd status.

*Is it possible to clear pending tasks or not let the HE to stop
glusterd on node1?*

*Or we can start the HE using other gluster node?*




IISER Bhopal
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