Hi John,

Am 20.01.19 um 18:32 schrieb John Florian:

As for how to get there, whatever exactly that might look like, I'm also having troubles figuring that out.  I figured I would transform the setup described below into one where each host has:

  * 2 NICs bonded with LACP for my ovirtmgmt and "main" net
  * 1 NIC for my 1st storage net
  * 1 NIC for my 2nd storage net

This is exactly the setup I use. I have run this successfully with CentOS/LIO and FreeNAS iSCSI targets with good performance.

In short:

- 2 separate, isolated networks for iSCSI with dedicated adapters
  on hosts and iSCSI target
- jumbo frames enabled
- no VLANs config needed on hosts, untagged VLANs on switch
- do _not_ use LACP, let multipathd handle failovers

Same experience as Vinicius: what did _not_ work for me is the iSCSI-Bonding in OVirt. It seems to require that all storage IPs are reachable from all other IPs, which is not the case in every setup.

To get multipathing to work I use multipath directly:


I will post a bonnie++ result later. If you need more details please let me know.

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