> EUREKA: After doing the above I was able to get past the filter issues, 
> however I am still concerned if during a reboot the disks might come up 
> differently. For example /dev/sdb might come up as /dev/sdx...

Even if they change , you don't have to worry about as each PV contains LVM 
metadata (including  VG configuration) which is read by LVM on boot (actually 
everything that is not in the LVM filter is being scanned like that).
Once all PVs are available  the VG is activated and then the LVs are also 

> I am trying to make sure this setup is always the same as we want to move 
> this to production, however seems I still don't have the full hang of it and 
> the RHV 4.1 course is way to old :)
> Thanks again for helping out with this.

It's a plain KVM with some management layer.

Just a hint:
Get your HostedEngine's configuration xml from the vdsm log (for emergencies) 
and another copy with reverse boot order  where DVD is booting first.
Also get the xml for the ovirtmgmt network.

It helped me a lot of times  when I wanted to recover my HostedEngine.
I'm too lazy to rebuild it.

Vdsm logs contain each VM's configuration xml when the VMs are powered on.

Get regular backups of the HostedEngine and patch it from time to time.
I would go in prod as follows:
Let's say you are on 4.2.8
Next step would be to go to 4.3.latest and then to 4.4.latest .

A test cluster (even in VMs ) is also benefitial.

Despite the hiccups I have stumbled upon, I think that the project is great.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov
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