Awesome, thanks! , and yes I agree, this is a great project!

I will now continue to scale the cluster from 3 to 6 nodes including the
storage...I will let y'all know how it goes and post the steps as I have
only seen examples of 3 hosts but not steps to go from 3 to 6.



On Tue, May 21, 2019 at 1:06 PM Strahil <> wrote:

> > EUREKA: After doing the above I was able to get past the filter issues,
> however I am still concerned if during a reboot the disks might come up
> differently. For example /dev/sdb might come up as /dev/sdx...
> Even if they change , you don't have to worry about as each PV contains
> LVM metadata (including  VG configuration) which is read by LVM on boot
> (actually everything that is not in the LVM filter is being scanned like
> that).
> Once all PVs are available  the VG is activated and then the LVs are also
> activated.
> > I am trying to make sure this setup is always the same as we want to
> move this to production, however seems I still don't have the full hang of
> it and the RHV 4.1 course is way to old :)
> >
> > Thanks again for helping out with this.
> It's a plain KVM with some management layer.
> Just a hint:
> Get your HostedEngine's configuration xml from the vdsm log (for
> emergencies) and another copy with reverse boot order  where DVD is booting
> first.
> Also get the xml for the ovirtmgmt network.
> It helped me a lot of times  when I wanted to recover my HostedEngine.
> I'm too lazy to rebuild it.
> Hint2:
> Vdsm logs contain each VM's configuration xml when the VMs are powered on.
> Hint3:
> Get regular backups of the HostedEngine and patch it from time to time.
> I would go in prod as follows:
> Let's say you are on 4.2.8
> Next step would be to go to 4.3.latest and then to 4.4.latest .
> A test cluster (even in VMs ) is also benefitial.
> Despite the hiccups I have stumbled upon, I think that the project is
> great.
> Best Regards,
> Strahil Nikolov

Adrian Quintero
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