I want to be able to manage VMs using Ansible.  As part of the template 
creation process it says to seal the VM.  Can someone tell me what sealing does 
to a Linux VM?  I understand it removes some of things that make the VM unique 
but no real specifics.  

So, if I want to manage a VM created from a template would this general process 

Seal the VM
Install CloudInit and keys, accounts, etc
Shut off VM and create template from it.

Create new VM using Ansbile & CloudInit 
CloudInit would have just enough info so that you could manage the VM with 

Would that work?

I am just starting to explore what CloudInit can do and what it is.  I am brand 
new to it.  I didn't find enough info on template sealing to help me devise a 
full cycle management strategy.  Perhaps there are other/easier methods?  
Thanks for your advice and input.
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