Hi List,

 Running a 3 node setup for a client, i'm constantly having the HostedEngine move itself around, whatever node its on ends up penalizing its score so low that it forces a migrate to the other node.

 Looking at /var/log/ovirt-hosted-engine-ha/agent.log shows a decent amount of:

MainThread::INFO::2020-05-21 15:47:54,742::states::135::ovirt_hosted_engine_ha.agent.hosted_engine.HostedEngine::(score) Penalizing score by 319 due to network status

 What I want to know is how do I get more debug out of this to know what network status its concerned about, so I can go about stablising it.

 The system is heavily monitored with ping checks, never drops link and never drops ICMP. None of its VM's falter accessing shared NFS space for disk storage so I'm not sure what the concern is. The node will literally over time penalise itself down to ~2000 and then HA agent will want it to swap nodes. It's not necessarily a bad thing but generates a heap of status emails multiple times a day which is just garbage - and makes the HE unavailable sometimes when mid-admin task.

 Any help is appreciated.

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