Thank you for this answer and for your help.

After testing several operations without successfully change the IP
range, I decided to reinstall the host and the hosted engine. I was
afraid that I could not reinstall the engine correctly because I had
trouble installing it 3 days ago.
But this time the installation went well.

I must be more autonomous with this virtualization solution to be able
to save / restore elements by the command line from the host, because
for the moment, if I break the engine, I'm like an idiot :) And as I
can't export it as an ova or take a snapshot when it's up, I don't feel
comfortable to test.


Le 24/05/2020 à 08:34, Strahil Nikolov a écrit :
> Hosts' ip can be safely changed only before deployment.
> In your case , it would be better if you start from scratch and
> reinstall the host with a new image, set the IP and then redeploy the
> HostedEngine (both with correct VLANs).
> What kind of data domain do you use. Maybe it will be easier to change
> that than a redeploy.
> Best Regards,
> Strahil Nikolov
> На 23 май 2020 г. 15:56:09 GMT+03:00, "Stéphane Paillet"
> <> написа:
>     Hello,
>     I installed an ovirt node and its hosted engine in a lab. After several 
>     difficulties to install the engine (I don't know why, I didn't have any 
>     problem in the past), I would like to change IPs of both to put them on 
>     another vlan.
>     How can I do that without break anything ? My main fear is that the data 
>     domain used by the hosted engine use the IP of the node rather than its 
>     FQDN. I change other data domains paths, but don't find how to change 
>     this one, 'cause I can't modify it, and I can't detach / delete it to 
>     recreate another one. I didn't find how to move the engine on another 
>     data domain using the node's FQDN in its path. For now, I don't use DNS, 
>     I just updated /etc/hosts defs on both servers.
>     If someone could help me, telling me step by step how to change IPs on 
>     each element in good order, I would be grateful.
>     Thank you.
>     Cheers,
>     Stephane
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