Hello all,

I have some EPYC servers that are not yet in production, so I wanted to go 
ahead and move them off of 4.3 (which was working) to 4.4. I flattened and 
reinstalled the hosts with CentOS 8.1 Minimal and installed all updates. Some 
very simple networking, just a bond and two iSCSI interfaces. After adding the 
oVirt 4.4 repo and installing the requirements, I run 'hosted-engine --deploy' 
and proceed through the setup. Everything looks as though it is going nicely 
and the local HE starts and runs perfectly. After copying the HE disks out to 
storage, the system tries to start it there but is using a different CPU 
definition and it's impossible to start it. At this point I'm stuck but hoping 
someone knows the fix, because this is as vanilla a deployment as I could 
attempt and it appears EPYC CPUs are a no-go right now with 4.4.

When the HostedEngineLocal VM is running, the CPU definition is:
  <cpu mode='custom' match='exact' check='full'>
    <model fallback='forbid'>EPYC-IBPB</model>
    <feature policy='require' name='x2apic'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='tsc-deadline'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='hypervisor'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='tsc_adjust'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='clwb'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='umip'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='arch-capabilities'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='cmp_legacy'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='perfctr_core'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='wbnoinvd'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='amd-ssbd'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='skip-l1dfl-vmentry'/>
    <feature policy='disable' name='monitor'/>
    <feature policy='disable' name='svm'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='topoext'/>

Once the HostedEngine VM is defined and trying to start, the CPU definition is 

  <cpu mode='custom' match='exact' check='partial'>
    <model fallback='allow'>EPYC</model>
    <topology sockets='16' cores='4' threads='1'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='ibpb'/>
    <feature policy='require' name='virt-ssbd'/>
      <cell id='0' cpus='0-63' memory='16777216' unit='KiB'/>

On attempts to start it, the host is logging this error:  "CPU is incompatible 
with host CPU: Host CPU does not provide required features: virt-ssbd".

So, the HostedEngineLocal VM works because it has a requirement set for  
'amd-ssbd' instead of 'virt-ssbd', and a VM requiring 'virt-ssbd' can't run on 
EPYC CPUs with CentOS 8.1.  As mentioned, the HostedEngine ran fine on oVirt 
4.3 with CentOS 7.8, and on 4.3 the cpu definition also required 'virt-ssbd', 
so I can only imagine that perhaps this is due to the more recent 4.x kernel 
that I now need HE to require 'amd-ssbd' instead?

Any clues to help with this? I can completely wipe/reconfigure the hosts as 
needed so I'm willing to try whatever so that I can move forward with a 4.4 

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