On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 4:13 PM Mark R <ovirtl...@beanz.33mail.com> wrote:

> Replying to my own post here, I've verified that it's currently not
> possible to do a greenfield deploy of oVirt 4.4.0 w/ hosted engine on EPYC
> CPUs due to the system setting a requirement of 'virt-ssbd' for the final
> HE definition after the move to shared storage. The local HE runs perfectly
> through the setup process because it correctly uses 'amd-ssbd' but
> unfortunately that doesn't stick after the disks are moved.
> You can work around it via 'virsh -r dumpxml HostedEngine > /tmp/he.xml',
> then editing that file to simply change 'virt-ssbd' to 'amd-ssbd'. Start it
> via 'virsh create /tmp/he.xml' and now it runs fine. You can get into the
> admin interface and if you want to run something hacky could at this point
> change the cluster CPU type from 'Secure AMD EPYC' to just 'AMD EPYC', take
> everything down and bring it back up cleanly... hosted engine will now work
> because the requirement for virt-ssbd (not available on EPYC when using
> CentOS 8.1 or presumably RHEL 8, amd-ssbd is needed) is gone.
I would like to test it during final stage of deployment, but the "virsh
create" command requires a password.

[root@novirt2 log]# virsh create /tmp/he.xml
Please enter your authentication name:

I don't remember how to setup a user so that I can run it on oVirt host..
any input?

Just for my testing lab in 4.4. obviously...
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