Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the responses. So I managed to truncate the log. I just want to 
make sure, the ‘ovirt-ha-agent’ service is only for the hosted engine correct?

I can still migrate machines between the hosts, so it should then not impact 
the VMs?


Anton Louw
Cloud Engineer: Storage and Virtualization
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They’re just log files, so generally safe to delete. You may want to take a 
look at the huge one though, see what’s up. I had a similar problem that turned 
out to be a broken HA agent install, cleaned and reinstalled and it went back 
to the same volume of logs as the others.

Now I need to check if they added logrotate.d config files for it to clean 
those up, hum.


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Hi All,

I had a space alert on one of my nodes this morning, and when I looked around, 
I saw that  var/log/ovirt-hosted-engine-ha/broker.log was sitting at around 
30GB. Does anybody know if it is safe to delete the log file? Or is there 
another process that I should follow?

I had a look at my other nodes, and the broker.log file does not exceed 4GB.

Thank you

Anton Louw
Cloud Engineer: Storage and Virtualization at Vox
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