i found the problem.
The kernel version in Centos 7.8  with version 3.x.x is really too old and does 
not know how to handle fine new SSD disks or RAID Controllers with latest BIOS 
Updates applied.

Booting and Archlinux latest iso image with kernel 5.7.6 or a Centos 8.2 with 
kernel 4.18 increased the performance at the right values. 
I run  multiple dd tests on the above images using bs of 10, 100 and 1000M and  
had aconstant write speed of  1.1GB/s.This is the expected value for 2 SSD in 

I had also enabled  cache settings on the Dell Perc 710 Raid controller : Write 
Cache set to "Write Back", disk cache set to "Enabled", read cache to "Read 
Ahead".For those who think "Write back" is a problem and the data might be 
corrupted, this should be ok now with the latest filesystem xfs or ext4 , that 
can recover in case of power loss.To make data safer, i also have a Raid cache 
battery and UPS redundancy.

Now i know i must run ovirt 4.4 with Centos 8.2 for good performance.
 I saw that Upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4 is not an easy task, multiple fails and 
not quite straight forward(i also have hosted engine on the shared Gluster 
Storage which makes this ipgrade even more difficult), but eventually i think i 
can get it running.

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