Ohh yes is important to know ahead.Not so nice if  they drop drivers.
Fortunately for now my Perc H710 (LSI MegaRAID SAS 2208) is still supported in 
megaraid_sas linux module for RHEL 8.

Upgrade to ovirt 4.4 is really difficult.I had to have downtimes for it to work 
After you deploy a restore from old ovirt 4.3 backup, you cant switch cluster 
comparibility_version from 4.3 to 4.4 using the web interface, it wont let you 
and you will have lots of errors.
I had to hack into the database and change the cluster : compatibility, cpu 
type, cpu flags for it to work correctly.On some vms i had to change also the 
cpu_name in the database.

The problem is 4.3 cpu profiles(they where changed in ovirt 4.4) are  not 
supported in ovirt 4.4. Because of this all your hosts with 4.3 will be in 
NonResponsive state on hosted-engine 4.4 .

If you have gluster like me, is even more difficult.Hosts many times failed to 
activate , because the Storage domains where down.

But finally i mange to upgrade it, though was hard.

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