You can use 'hosted-engine' to access the VM over VNC.

Usual advice will be to redeploy the engine and restore  from backup.
You won't  loose  your VMs and restore  will be fast.
Powering VMs manually is a tricky part. You can find each VM's configuration 
file  in the vdsm log on the host where the VM was powered on.
I used the following in order to repair (yes, I really mean it) my HostedEngine 
VM, but is valid for all VMs.

In order to use virsh,  you can use  this alias:
alias virsh='virsh -c 

Once you have the VM's xml (from vdsm log or from a backup of the qemu/kvm dir) 
you can define the VM - virsh define /path/to/xml
Next save this file and define the network:
  <forward mode='bridge'/>
  <bridge name='ovirtmgmt'/>

virsh net-define  vdsm-ovirtmgmt.xml

Keep in mind that if you defined a lot of networks, you will need them all,  or 
you have to modify the VM's xml.

Last is to mount your storage as oVirt would do.The problem is that you use 
iSCSI and I can't help with that. I guess if you used iscsiadm to connect your 
initiator - everything should be fine.

The following is for FILE-based storage (which is not your case):

You can check <ovirt-vm:leasePath> & <ovirt-vm:path>  in the xml. Once you 
mount the storage and try to power up the VM,  libvirt will tell you (in the 
log) where exactly it is expecting a symlink to exists. It points to the path 
of the storage for the VMs.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 7 юли 2020 г. 19:34:44 GMT+03:00, Patrick Lomakin 
<> написа:
>I changed the BIOS Type settings in the cluster settings section to
>UEFI BIOS, and hosted-engine does not start after rebooting.  Although,
>before I made the changes, I looked in the engine at the /boot
>partition, which has the /efi directory.  Is there any way to change
>the engine settings manually, and how can I connect to it (or to its
>partitions) to perform actions?  I can't imagine how you can reinstall
>the engine without unplugging storage to import all virtual machines
>later.  Losing data in virtual machines is a disaster for me.
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