Hi Mark,

Am 14.07.20 um 02:14 schrieb Mark R:

I'm looking through quite a few bug reports and mailing list threads,
but want to make sure I'm not missing some recent development.  It
appears that doing iSCSI with two separate, non-routed subnets is
still not possible with 4.4.x. I have the dead-standard iSCSI setup
with two separate switches, separate interfaces on hosts and storage,
and separate subnets that have no gateway and are completely
unreachable except from directly attached interfaces.

I haven't tested 4.4 yet but AFAIK nothing has changed, OVirt iSCSI bonds don't work with separated, isolated subnets:


I don't use them as multipathing generally works without OVirt bonds in my setup, I configured multipathd directly to use round robin e.g..

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