Hello evryone,
setup ovirt 4.4.1 on CentOS 8.2 as an experiment, and I am trying to get an 
iSCSI domain working but have issues. The little experimental cluster has 3 
hosts. There is an ovirtmgmt network on the default vlan, and two iSCSI network 
(172.27.0/1.X) with vlans 20/21. ovirtmgmt has all the functions (Data, 
display, migration etc), and the iSCSI networks nothing yet, and they are not 
set as required.
The SAN device is already serving a few iSCSI volumes to a vmware cluster, so I 
know things are fine on this end. It has two controllers, and four NICs per 
controller so a total of 8 NICs, half of the NICS per controller on 172.27.0.X 
and half on 172.27.1.X.

When I create the iSCSI domain, I login to only one of the targets, and add the 
Volume, all is good and I can use the disc fine. 
However when I login to more than one of the targets, then I start having 
issues with the Volume. Even when I enabled multipath in the cluster, and I 
created a single multipath by selecting both of the 172.27.0/1.X networks, and 
all the targets, the end result was the same. The hosts have difficulty 
accessing the volume, they may even swing between 'non-operational' and 'up' if 
I transfer data to the volume. When I ssh to the hosts and i check things in 
the command line I also get inconsistent results between hosts, and blocks that 
appear with lsblk when I first setup iSCSI have dissapeared after I try to 
actively use the volume.

I am new to iSCSI so I am not sure how to debug this. I am not sure if my 
multipath configuration is correct or not. The documentation on this part was 
not very detailed. I also tried to remove the domain, and try to experiment 
with mounting the iSCSI volume from the command line, but I cannot even 
discover the target from the command line, which is very bizarre. The command 
iscsiadm --mode discovery --target sendtargets --portal --discover
returns the message 'iscsiadm: cannot make connection to No route 
to host'. Yet through ovirt, and if I select only one target, everything work 

Any suggestions on how to start debugging this would really be appreciated.
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