On 9/2/21 9:16 AM, Lucia Jelinkova wrote:
Could you please share more details about the CPU problem you're facing? There shouldn't be any breaking change in that CPU definition in 4.4+ compatibility version.

Unfortunately not, I've already made irreversible changes to the cluster so that I can no longer reproduce the error which I got when I tried to activate one of the Dell hosts and which resulted in an error about the CPU family.

After having wiped out most of the configurations I still do get a related error:

"The host CPU does not match the Cluster CPU Type and is running in a degraded mode. It is missing the following CPU flags: vmx, nx, model_Westmere, aes. Please update the host CPU microcode or change the Cluster CPU Type."

This error is not quite accurate since lscpu does list all of the flags mentioned above, except for the model_Westmere.

IIRC there were some comments in the mailing list earlier this year WRT this flag-mismatch and being related to incompatible linux-firmware package. Currently the host that generates this error has this package installed:

Name        : linux-firmware
Version     : 20210702
Release     : 103.gitd79c2677.el8

Will need to dig through the mailing list archives.

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