> On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 8:02 PM Diggy Mc <d03(a)bornfree.org&gt; wrote:
> Are you sure it's related to oVirt at all? To Linux?
> Did you check the hardware? Contact your hardware support? Perhaps check
> some on-board diagnostics/logs/whatever?
> Good luck and best regards,

Before putting the Gen8 servers into production (as with all servers), I ran 
the comprehensive HP diagnostic tests on them for 24 hours.  I also ran the 
intensive MemTest86 tests on them for 24 hours as well.  All tests passed. I 
feel safe assuming the hardware is okay.

The little information I have found on the matter suggests it is a Kernel 
watchdog issue, but those articles offered no help in resolving the problem.

I am not suggesting it is an oVirt issue.  I am simply hoping that someone in 
the oVirt community has encountered the same problem and can offer a solution 
or work-around.
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