hi - wondering if anyone can advise me, how to update Ovirt nodes (installed 
from pre-built image iso (i.e 
 )  from 4.4.10 -> 4.5 ?

I have a rhel8.6 server as the engine (standalone) - when i successfully 
updated already - using guide from -> 

And the engine has now been successfully upgraded to  4.5 

But all our Ovirt nodes/hosts have been installed via pre-built 
ovirt-installer-ng .iso - which is based on  CentOS Stream release 8 

i.e on the nodes I see - cat /etc/redhat-release  -> CentOS Stream release 8

Presently the 4.4.10  nodes (from pre-built image)  show no updates in the 
Ovirt engine

do i need to do the steps here -> 
https://ovirt.org/download/install_on_rhel.html  on an ovirt node installed 
from the ovirt-node-ng iso  as it reads like it is just nodes based on rhel, 
etc you need to .

Any advice of how to update the nodes would be welcomed 

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