Good morning all,

I am attempting to add a host to my ovirt 4.4 cluster.  The installation of
the first host went smoothly, but the installation of the second host

Currently, the second host is in Installing state, but doing nothing.  The
installation failed due to a failure to register the host certificate.

I cannot change the state of the host or retry the installation to capture

Warnings from the host that are visible on the ovirt console are:

   - Power Management is not configured for this Host. Enable Power
   - Host has no default route.
   - The host CPU does not match the Cluster CPU Type and is running in a
   degraded mode. It is missing the following CPU flags: vmx,
   model_Cascadelake-Server-noTSX. Please update the host CPU microcode or
   change the Cluster CPU Type.

The error message generated at the last attempt to install the host from
the ovirt console is:

   - Failed to enroll certificate for host ovirt-host-04 (User:

Please advise
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