Sure (it's running on the latest release of oVirt Node):


# Default vars
# Do not change these variables
# Changes in this section are NOT supported

  LANG: en_US.UTF-8
  LC_ALL: en_US.UTF-8

he_vm_name: HostedEngine
he_data_center: Default
he_cluster: Default
he_local_vm_dir_path: /var/tmp
he_local_vm_dir_prefix: localvm
he_appliance_ova: ''
he_root_ssh_pubkey: ''
he_root_ssh_access: 'yes'
he_apply_openscap_profile: false
he_openscap_profile_name: stig
he_enable_fips: false
he_cdrom: ''
he_console_type: vnc
he_video_device: vga
he_graphic_device: vnc
he_emulated_machine: pc
he_minimal_mem_size_MB: 4096
he_minimal_disk_size_GB: 50
he_mgmt_network: ovirtmgmt
he_storage_domain_name: hosted_storage
he_ansible_host_name: localhost
he_ipv4_subnet_prefix: "192.168.222"
he_ipv6_subnet_prefix: fd00:1234:5678:900
he_webui_forward_port: 6900  # by default already open for VM console
he_reserved_memory_MB: 512
he_avail_memory_grace_MB: 200

engine_psql: /usr/share/ovirt-engine/dbscripts/

he_host_ip: null
he_host_name: null
he_host_address: null
he_cloud_init_host_name: null
he_cloud_init_domain_name: null

he_smtp_port: 25
he_smtp_server: localhost
he_dest_email: root@localhost
he_source_email: root@localhost

he_force_ip4: false
he_force_ip6: false

he_pause_before_engine_setup: false
he_pause_host: false
he_pause_after_failed_add_host: true
he_pause_after_failed_restore: true
he_debug_mode: false

## Mandatory variables:

he_bridge_if: null
he_fqdn: null
he_mem_size_MB: max
he_vcpus: max
he_disk_size_GB: 61

he_enable_libgfapi: false
he_enable_hc_gluster_service: false
he_vm_mac_addr: null
he_remove_appliance_rpm: true
he_pki_renew_on_restore: false
he_enable_keycloak: true

## Storage domain vars:
he_domain_type: null  # can be: nfs | iscsi | glusterfs | fc
he_storage_domain_addr: null

## NFS vars:
## Defaults are null, user should specify if NFS is chosen
he_mount_options: ''
he_storage_domain_path: null
he_nfs_version: auto  # can be: auto, v4 or v3
he_storage_if: null

## ISCSI vars:
## Defaults are null, user should specify if ISCSI is chosen
he_iscsi_username: null
he_iscsi_password: null
he_iscsi_discover_username: null
he_iscsi_discover_password: null
he_iscsi_target: null
he_lun_id: null
he_iscsi_portal_port: null
he_iscsi_portal_addr: null
he_iscsi_tpgt: null
he_discard: false

# Define if using STATIC ip configuration
he_vm_ip_addr: null
he_vm_ip_prefix: null
he_dns_addr: null  # up to 3 DNS servers IPs can be added
he_vm_etc_hosts: false  # user can add lines to /etc/hosts on the engine VM
he_gateway: null
he_network_test: 'dns'  # can be: 'dns', 'ping', 'tcp' or 'none'
he_tcp_t_address: null
he_tcp_t_port: null

# ovirt-hosted-engine-setup variables
he_just_collect_network_interfaces: false
he_libvirt_authfile: '/etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/virsh_auth.conf'
he_offline_deployment: false
he_additional_package_list: []

# *** Do Not Use On Production Environment ***
# ********** Used for testing ONLY ***********
he_requirements_check_enabled: true
he_memory_requirements_check_enabled: true

On 9/15/22 09:18, Ritesh Chikatwar wrote:
Hey Jonas,

What is the cockpit version you are using? And also can you share this file with me (/usr/share/ansible/collections/ansible_collections/ovirt/ovirt/roles/hosted_engine_setup/defaults/main.yml)?

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 12:42 PM Yedidyah Bar David <> wrote:

    On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 11:31 PM Jonas <> wrote:
    > Ok even after resetting the password through SSH it is not
    accepted on the web page.
    > [root@ovirt-engine-test ~]# ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user
    password-reset admin --password-valid-to="2222-09-14 20:07:39Z"
    --password="interactive:" --force
    > Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dcom.redhat.fips=false
    > Password:
    > Reenter password:
    > updating user admin...
    > user updated successfully
    > On 9/14/22 21:40, Jonas wrote:
    > Hello all
    > I'm trying to deploy an oVirt Engine through the cockpit
    interface. Unfortunately the deployment fails with the following

    Sorry, but the cockpit hosted-engine deployment is broken. Please use
    the CLI. Thanks.

    Best regards,
-- Didi
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