Hi All,

Is anyone aware of  any issues (ie "gotchas") with pre-installing OpenVSwitch 
in preparation for an oVirt Self-Hosted install?

We're trying to work around an error we're getting with `hosted-engine 
--deploy` which spits out: `error: Failed to start network default\nerror: 
internal error: Network is already in use by interface bond1.a`. What we're 
thinking is if we pre-create the OVS Network (ie ovirtmgmt) then `hosted-engine 
--deploy` won't baulk and fail to install.

We've been grinding away at this and other issues for several weeks now and 
we're getting pretty desperate at this stage, to the point that we're starting 
to seriously consider giving up on oVirt completely - which would be a shame 
because it seems to be made for the job we want to do, but if we can't get it 
installed, let along working, then what's the point? (Plus I hate the thought 
of all the wasted time and effort - but that may just be the "suck cost 
fallacy" at work).

Anyway, if anyone has any insights we'd appreciate them.


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