Hi, I'm having the exact same problem doing a fresh install of RHEL and setting 
up (command line: hosted-engine --deploy --4) the ovirt-engine. I assume it 
must have been some kind of update to the base OS - (in my case RHEL 8.6 
(Ootpa),  because i have done previous installations with this exact OS and 
centos-release-ovirt45 repos without having an issues. The failed task is:
TASK [ovirt.ovirt.hosted_engine_setup : Wait for the host to be up]
and, on the hosted-engine log:
I see:
"stdout" : "fatal: [xxxxx]: FAILED! => {\"msg\": \"The conditional check 
'cluster_switch == \\\"ovs\\\" or (ovn_central is defined and ovn_central | 
ipaddr)' failed. The error was: The ipaddr filter requires python's netaddr be 
installed on the ansible controller\\n\\nThe error appears to be in 
 line 3, column 5, but may\\nbe elsewhere in the file depending on the exact 
syntax problem.\\n\\nThe offending line appears to be:\\n\\n- block:\\n  - 
name: Install ovs\\n    ^ here\\n\"}",
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