Hi. Just for an introduction, I'm a junior staff working on a way to deploy a 
KVM cluster to provision VMs to our customer. Before this, we're using VMware 
ESXi and connect it to OpenNebula as the console that we give to customers.

We're moving to KVM due to VMware licensing cost. I've successfully deployed an 
oVirt cluster and currently able to access it remotely via a VPN that I've 
setup on a virtualized pfSense VM inside the cluster.

My question is, what is the best way to give customer console access to the VMs 
that we provisioned for them? Surely we doesn't want to give them access to our 
VPN for security reasons.

I can't seems to find a way to connect OpenNebula with oVirt and I do believe 
it isn't possible since both are basically virtualization manager, managing the 
KVM instances.

Thanks for the responses and ideas given ☺️
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