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> Hi. Just for an introduction, I'm a junior staff working on a way to deploy a 
> KVM cluster to provision VMs to our customer. Before this, we're using VMware 
> ESXi and connect it to OpenNebula as the console that we give to customers.
> We're moving to KVM due to VMware licensing cost. I've successfully deployed 
> an oVirt cluster and currently able to access it remotely via a VPN that I've 
> setup on a virtualized pfSense VM inside the cluster.
> My question is, what is the best way to give customer console access to the 
> VMs that we provisioned for them? Surely we doesn't want to give them access 
> to our VPN for security reasons.

You can try running ovirt-websocket-proxy on a separate machine.
You can also use independent tools - e.g. squid/varnish/apache
httpd/nginx - as reverse proxies. I think you can find on the net
examples showing how to do that with oVirt.

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