Thank you to all the contributors in making the next oVirt release
From: Sandro Bonazzola <>
Sent: 01 December 2023 12:57
To: oVirt Users <>
Subject: [ovirt-users] [ANN] oVirt 4.5.5 is now generally available

oVirt 4.5.5 is now generally available

The oVirt project is excited to announce the general availability of oVirt 
4.5.5, as of December 1st, 2023.

Important notes before you install / upgrade

If you’re going to install oVirt 4.5.5 on RHEL or similar, please read 
Installing on RHEL or 
derivatives<> first.

Suggestion to use nightly

As discussed in oVirt Users mailing 
 we suggest the user community to use oVirt master snapshot 
 ensuring that the latest fixes for the platform regressions will be promptly 

This oVirt 4.5.5 release is meant to provide what has been made available in 
nightly repositories as base for new installations.

If you are already using oVirt master snapshot you should already have received 
this release content.


Be sure to follow instructions for oVirt 4.5!

  *   If you want to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions 
on the Download<> page.

  *   For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see 
the oVirt Documentation<>.

  *   For upgrading from a previous version, see the oVirt Upgrade 

  *   For a general overview of oVirt, see About 

What’s new in oVirt 4.5.5 Release?

This release is available now on x86_64 architecture for:

  *   oVirt Node NG (based on CentOS Stream 8)

  *   oVirt Node NG (based on CentOS Stream 9)

  *   CentOS Stream 8

  *   CentOS Stream 9

  *   RHEL 8 and derivatives

  *   RHEL 9 and derivatives

Experimental builds are also available for ppc64le and aarch64.

See the release notes for installation instructions and a list of new features 
and bugs fixed.

Additional resources:

  *   Read more about the oVirt 4.5.5 release highlights:

  *   Check out the latest project news on the oVirt blog:


Sandro Bonazzola
oVirt Project

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