I'm attempting to write text to a PDF in situations where I need to support 
multiple languages on a single PDF. This may include regular latin characters 
as well as CJK characters. I've tried many attempts to do this and have it load 
the character sets from the OS without much success. The farthest I have gotten 
is support latin characters, some russian and I believe Vietnamese characters 
founds on the embedded fonts example here 

I'm doing a similar approach from the example but I believe I'm using the 
FileSystemFontProvider provided by the FontMappers class by doing something 
such as

TrueTypeFont ttf = FontMappers.instance().getTrueTypeFont("Arial", 
PDFont font = PDType0Font.load(signatureDocument, ttf.getOriginalData());

As I mentioned I seem to be able to support the text in the EmbeddedFonts 
example but can't seem to determine how I can also support CJK. I'm currently 
using 2.0.2 of PDFBox but could potentially upgrade to 2.0.3 if that would help 
at all.

Thanks for the help,

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