Am 18.10.2016 um 15:32 schrieb Daniel King:
I'm curious why you shouldn't load fonts that are scanned in by PDFBox using 
org.apache.fontbox.util.autodetect.FontDirFinder and instead reference a hard 
coded system directory?
As you don't know what you get when asking the FontMapper for "Arial" especially if you run your code on different environments or OS.

You may get a simple Arial font with a limited charset, or you may get "Arial Unicode MS" which has a wide support for non latin charsets or you may get any arial alike font.

IMHO there are to many "may" especially if you are looking for a CJK capable 

As John already said, it's the best idea to choose the font on your own to be sure you get what you are looking for.


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I'm attempting to write text to a PDF in situations where I need to
support multiple languages on a single PDF. This may include regular
latin characters as well as CJK characters. I've tried many attempts
to do this and have it load the character sets from the OS without
much success. The farthest I have gotten is support latin characters,
some russian and I believe Vietnamese characters founds on the
embedded fonts example here

I'm doing a similar approach from the example but I believe I'm using
the FileSystemFontProvider provided by the FontMappers class by doing
something such as

TrueTypeFont ttf = FontMappers.instance().getTrueTypeFont("Arial",
null).getFont(); PDFont font = PDType0Font.load(signatureDocument,

Don’t load fonts like this. Follow the approach from the EmbeddedFonts example 
and load them from the filesystem.

As I mentioned I seem to be able to support the text in the EmbeddedFonts 
example but can't seem to determine how I can also support CJK. I’m currently 
using 2.0.2 of PDFBox but could potentially upgrade to 2.0.3 if that would help 
at all.

If you have a font which supports CJK then PDFBox should be able to use it. I 
recommend “Arial Unicode MS” as a good starting point, as it provides many more 
Unicode characters than plain “Arial”. Google’s Noto fonts also provide a great 
selection of characters.

— John

Thanks for the help,

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