I need to measure the left margin size of existing thousands of PDF files and 
pages.. can anyone tell me which class/methods of PDFbox supports this? 


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On 3/2/18 9:05 AM, Michał Walawender wrote:
> I am Android developer, and i would ask You question about Pdfbox 
> usage in app, which I am currently developing. I have chcecked 
> license, but still I am not sure, if I can use Pdfbox in my app with ads in?

AL2 is a fairly liberal license. I don't see why you couldn't use PDFBox in an 
app that contains ads.

> It is just app which will be placed in Google Play, and i want to 
> monetize it with ads inside. Can You explain me, if I can use Pdfbox, 
> based on current license, and do I have to place any disclaimers or something?

No disclaimers are necessary, since your app is not a "derivative work".
Attribution is not strictly necessary, but would be greatly appreciated by the 


I'm curious... why would an Android app need to produce PDF files?


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