On 09/08/17 08:22, Pankaj Bhagra wrote:
Thanks Gordon for looking into my query. It makes sense what u said,
however i am still searching for a reason of flow control and limited batch

As per your suggestion i tried increasing the link-credit to 10k, 100k, but
that doesn't change much. my understanding of prefetch was that its number
of packets not the number of bytes (i confirmed this by reducing the
prefetch to 2 and then i see only 1 pkt per bulk message (half of the
window size)).

The size of the each pkt is roughly 900B, and as u can see that i am not
able to read more than 12 pkts per batch in the complete logs below. So
looking back yes the size of 12x900B is greater than 5KB, so the heading
may need correction - it looks like 2x of that which is 10kb.

would appreciate if someone can suggest some more knobs i should play to
figure out where this limit of 10kb is coming from ?

My guess is that it is a service-bus choice (i.e. the buffer size it writes with). In itself that shouldn't require a roundtrip to get more. If that is happening it could conceivably be something to do with the number of unsettled messages?

It may be worth asking about the issue on the service bus forums.

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