On 10/08/17 19:47, Pankaj Bhagra wrote:

what is the meaning of "more" flags. I assume this means that server
doesn't have more data to flush ? correct ?

No, it means is there any more data to be transferred for that specific delivery i.e. that specific message.

[0x24b0cd0]:0 <- @transfer(20) [handle=0, delivery-id=0, delivery-tag=b"",
message-format=0, settled=true, more=false, batchable=true] (1220)

[0x24b0cd0]:0 <- @transfer(20) [handle=0, delivery-id=1, delivery-tag=b"",
message-format=0, settled=true, more=false, batchable=true] (1231)

If so, it appears that SB only caches 16K of data and doesn't refill this
cache unless there is a new fetch request (which is painfully take the

What is triggering the next batch isn't really a fetch, since there was already existing credit.

I think I may have misunderstood what you wanted to do in the previous mail btw. Did you want to disable sending the flow? If you you can set prefetch to 0, but then you have to do a receiver.flow(10000) (or similar) when you first create the receiver, to give it credit. That way it will not send a flow again after receiving the first set of transfers, and you can see what effect that has, if any.

Does it make sense to keep sending a prefetch request every few msec to
keep the server busy and pulling data from whatever its backend store ?

The flow is already being sent back as soon as it has processed the messages you have. The client is single threaded so while it is processing the incoming transfers it won't be sending anything out. However from the timestamps that seems to take very few millisecs.

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