On 09/08/17 16:59, Dan Langford wrote:
back from vacation now. i upgraded to 0.8.0 and local/session transactions
look like they are working as expected.

*Question about JMS filters / message selectors*: when i connect to my
artemis broker with the artemis client JMS filters work. when i connect to
my artemis broker with qpid-jms-client then jms filters work. HOWEVER when
i connect to THROUGH the dispatch routers with the qpid-jms-client the jms
filters (configured in the client code) seem to be ignored or lost. i
receive messages as if no filter was supplied. does QPID dispatch router
support filters configured programmatically via the client? with my
aforementioned configuration
https://gist.github.com/danlangford/4944dcc6c0d2703ffb8555603ed27340 would
you expect jms filters to work?

Filters/selectors will not work in conjunction with message routing, because the broker is unaware of the actual consumers. To allow filters/selectors (or other link specific features), you would need to use link routing. However it is the message routing behaviour that provides the simple load balancing for queues.

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