I think I found why this behavior was occurring but I think I might have
uncovered a bug with JMQ queue browsing...

I tested with another source queue and there were no messages were being
moved to the DLQ for that queue - the stayed on the source queue after the
connection was closed and that is the behavior I was expecting.  What I
found was the messages on the first queue I was consuming had a Delivery
Count > 5 so I'm assuming that when the connection was closed they went to
the DLQ because I had a Maximum Delivery Retries of 5 configured.  The
second queue I used for consumption all had messages with a Delivery Count
of 0.

So that brings me to the potential bug.  I found that when using the JMS
QueueBrowser it actually increments the Delivery Count for a message
everytime it is browsed.  That is why most of my source messages had a
Delivery Count > 0.  This doesn't seem right - a read-only Queue Browse
action shouldn't increment the Delivery Count if that same count is used to
determine if the message should be moved to the Alternate Binding (DLQ)
should it?   

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