Thanks for the reply Alex.

I've been working on our production Broker-J backup and recovery solution
and my plan was to create a little Java app that utilizes the Broker-J
provided BDBBackup class and perform a hot backup every 15 minutes.  Ideally
we'd never have to use it but things happen (our production ActiveMQ KahaDB
got corrupted just last week).  I've been reading through the Berkeley DB
Java Edition and comments in the BDBBackup class and am wondering if
performing the hot backup every 15 minutes will cause any issues with how it
locks files?   Once we migrate all of our ActiveMQ clients over to be
Broker-J clients we will have a fairly active messaging environment in

Also, I've been wondering what the first approach of our production recovery
process should be.  Being that I'm only planning on taking a hot backup
every 15 minutes if we use those backups then we'll be losing any changes
made since that last backup.  Would it be best to try to utilize one of the
replicated databases and the DbResetRepGroup capability you mentioned in
hopes that corrupted changes hadn't made it to both of the replica databases
yet?  And then if that doesn't recover the Berkeley DB use our backups as
more of a last resort since it could result in missing messages?

Just curious on what people have come up with for the production
backup/recovery approaches.


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