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By reading the article "vongosling"<vongosl...@apache.org>; published on the 
"Apache Blogging in Action".
My friend and I feel excited , then add a CN word for his nice Article: 

His core idea: "Address how to be a more collaborative [Apache] around the 
world, especially in non-native English countries".
                      Answer another non-popular question:"how to build a more 
diverse community".

1. Open Communication -  支持公开发言、开放沟通,也允许私下讨论
    小小浅显理解起来就是要:     敞开胸怀,畅快饮(EN)Joy the coding, devloping, searching, 
deploying time...
    My reason for description:Time is import for a project, spent your time 
with happy face is more interesting, I thought

    I. Issue1 "Not search  engine friendly and in most cases it does not 
support multi-channel for  multi-language".        
                    "The younger  generation prefers to use messaging apps 
coming up in Android and IOS world , 
                   "which has spread to  the daily coding life for the majority 
of people ".
        -> "年轻一代更偏好那些轻量、简洁、UI诱人、通行线上线下的Android/IOS交流应用”。

      "Hence in Apache RocketMQ community, we encourage users to ask the  
question using the user email list. 
      "In order to make the communication  process effective, 
      "We answer the question in the same language of the  question.
      "With more and more committers coming from different countries,  
      "This solution will help to grow the more diverse community. "
           "古语有云:J子[合]而不同,we can communicate on differ os with the unicorn 

      "John Ament said in another 'Success at Apache' post 
      "--Open communication isn't for everything. We also allow private  
communication - 
      "Between the users and us as some questions might not be  proper to 
discuss publicly. 
      "But that isn't a part of the decision making  process. 

      "Likewise, anytime we're talking about individuals in either a  positive 
or negative way should be conducted on the private list for a  project".  
      ->"同样的,不管是积极沟通,或是被动交流,独立个人在进行语言组织和表达时,遵守一定的数据交互规范; 一切先以项目优先"。

2. Easy ways to be involved in the community - 提供更多方式深入参与社区活动
    II. Issue2 "... Such  Projects have corresponding Chinese documentations. 
                     "On the other hand,  we try our best to improve the 
English documents. 
         ->"...可能不是很多人有深入了解,中国🇨🇳其实有很多本地的Apache项目开发团队、比如Apache HTTP Server, 
Apache Tomcat, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop等,并有配套相对完备的文档体系";

      SolutioN List 





"If one finds a minor or big native narrative polish, one could leave a 
message, or send feedback to our dev or user email list. 
"Besides documentation, we also hold programming marathons in the community 
irregularly to get more involved with the community. "
”We could find more users who have more interest, especially cross-domain 
technology in such campaigns. 
"Recently, we open sourced more tasks in the Google Summer of Code. Students 
will develop Open Source software full-time for three months.
“We will provide mentoring and project ideas, and in return have the chance to 
get new code developed and --most importantly-- to identify and bring in new 
“我们届时会配备优质的导师和项目方案回馈参与开源的学员和Apache社区,因而我们有机会为社区源源不断引入新的源码 — 更重要的是 — 培养并确立新的  
”It is another chance to let PMC members know how to improve and let more 
students get involved in the community easily.


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主题: [ANNOUNCE] Github Issue has been enabled for Apache RocketMQ

Hi all,

We have enabled Github Issue for RocketMQ, and the JIRA system will be disabled 
soon, please use Github Issue for the new bug report and feature request.

Please kindly note that the issue tracker is **ONLY** used for bug report and 
feature request. Any question or RocketMQ proposal please use our mailing 
lists[1]. More details please refer to our issue template[2].

Welcome to help us migrate existing JIRA issues to Github Issue, we really 
appreciate that.

[1]. http://rocketmq.apache.org/about/contact/
[2]. https://github.com/apache/rocketmq/blob/master/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md


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