Order doesn't matter because in settings-template we are pointing to
Snapshot, so you don't have to locally build compiler or typedefs. All
dependencies will be downloaded from the Apache Maven Central.

Alina is using command *mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install* - it
should work. My build is running nicely right now. I have removed
everything from .m2 folder.

Thanks, Piotr

2018-03-07 7:03 GMT+01:00 Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>:

> Hi,
> The issue here I believe is that 0.9.2 hasn’t been released yet and Alina
> is trying to compile things in the wrong order and it look for 0.9.2 but
> can;’t find it in the apache release area.
> To compile with maven you need to do the three repos in this order:
> in royale-compiler:
> mvn clean install -P utils
> mvn clean install
> In royale-typedefs:
> mvn clean install
> In royale-asjs:
> mvn clean install
> Thanks,
> Justin


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