Hi Piotr,

My C:\Users\aleena\.m2  folder contains only repository folder.
Deleted repository folder
 and copied  D:/prev/prev/ royale-compiler /settings-template.xml to
C:\Users\aleena \.m2\ settings.xml

tried 3 times ,getting this error:


Thanks ,

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Hi Alina,

I'm not sure what is happen on your sight. Try to do following things. Go to
that folder:


1) Remove folder repository completely
2) Copy settings-template.xml and change name as you see on the screenshot.
Thanks to that you will not have to type "-s settings-template.xml"
3) Make sure that you have the fresh sources in case of compiler.
4) In the root of compiler folder type: mvn clean install

Let's see whether removing everything gives some positive results. If you
see in the stacktrace some problem with downloading artifacts, try couple of
times in a row!


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