Hi Johnny,

Timing wise, afternoons on the US west coast (Pacific Daylight Time) are the 
most difficult for me.  I'm generally available after 8:30pm (PDT) except for 

My typical presentation for people who know Flex is to skip over the "what is 
AS and MXML" and show a simple MXML and AS combination that includes data 
binding and a server fetch, fire up a browser and show folks that it isn't 
using Flash.  After that I run it through our Cordova packaging and show it 
running on a phone.  I think I would also show our ASDoc app and how it is 
being indexed by Google.  And if migration is interesting I might be able to 
show a simple Flex app and how the emulation components can run it with minimal 

Showing how to setup Royale in an IDE is tough because lots of folks use 
different IDEs.

Let me know,

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Good Idea on renaming this e-mail thread!

I used to have the talks at a certain time as I was concerned about people 
coming home from work, but now that it’s an on-line group I am thinking what is 
the best time for the global community and I can’t seem to find one.

I am thinking then the end-user can watch the meeting offline if the meeting 
time frame isn’t god for them.

I agree with you that most people would rather not switch IDE, so that is an 
interesting. I did some research and I will do a blog on how do install FlexJS 
into FDT/Flash Builder really any Eclipse Based IDE, and if if needed I can do 
it again during the meeting. This is if FlexJS=Apache Royal which I think that 
it is.

I personally am more interested in migrating projects than creating new ones, 
but I will ask around in my groups.

The next issue will be time/day I can host the meeting on Adobe connect.


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