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2018-04-09 8:27 GMT+02:00 John Barrett <johnb...@hawaii.edu>:

> I agree with you that most people would rather not switch IDE, so that is
> an interesting. I did some research and I will do a blog on how do install
> FlexJS into FDT/Flash Builder really any Eclipse Based IDE, and if if
> needed I can do it again during the meeting. This is if FlexJS=Apache Royal
> which I think that it is.
FlexJS was the old name of this project and was located as part of "Apache
Royale" project.
The new project forked from FlexJS is "Apache Royale" (not Royal), and is
top level project at Apache referenced in this url [1]

Hope this make it more clear to you :)



[1] https://royale.apache.org

Carlos Rovira

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