Hey all,

For one of our current projects, we are in the process of making all the new 
components/templates in HTL instead of JSP. One of the things we did notice 
though is that when we use a component as resourceSuperType that still uses 
jsp, that in those jsp files we use the following as stated on how to use it in 
the docs[1]:

<sling:call script=“myscript.jsp”/>

This makes it that we can’t overwrite the myscript.jsp file by a myscript.html 
file because the script call specifically states myscript.jsp. Now I tried it 
out by removing the .jsp extension from the script attribute, and this seems to 
So my question now is, is there a reason not to do it this way? Why is it 
stated in the docs that you should say myscript.jsp instead of just myscript, 
seeing as myscript alone already works too and would have made it possible to 
overwrite the specific scripts by other template engines.



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